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Show your loved ones & friends that you've got their back and share the PURE | HEALTH experience with them! 

E-Gift Cards are available through our website & can be sent directly to the recipients inbox. We also have physical Gift Cards in practice for purchase for an extra $2.50 per card. Gift cards can be redeemed for all services provided & all products in stock except supplements.

$62 for a 40 minute Remedial Massage Session

$86 for a 60 minute Remedial Massage Session

$109 for a 60 minute Initial Chiropractic

$115 for a 80 minute Remedial Massage Session

Terms & Conditions:

Gift Cards cannot be exchanged or refunded once issued. 

There is no expiry date for Gift Cards.

For any lost or damaged Gift Cards, the amount on the card is considered forfeited.

Gift Cards cannot be used in conjunction with Health Funds in practice to pay 'the Gap'.

T&C's are subject to change without notice.



Vivobarefoot is an environmentally friendly, minimalist shoe company supporting the natural ergonomics of your feet. Their shoes embody 3 main principles to help support your feet.

1. Thin soles to improve the sensory feedback from the 20,000 nerves in each foot.

2. Wide shoes allowing your toes - crucially your big toe - to provide a stable base of support.

3. Flexible material allows your muscles & tendons to load, splay & recoil, putting a natural spring into your step

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