Client Services

Meet Lisa, a sanguine member of the Client Service Team. Lisa was born and raised in Thailand before migrating to Australia in 2012. She then joined the wellness industry and has been a part of it for 9 years. With her near decade of experience, she has mastered the art of acclamatory hospitality as you walk into the practice. She is also a strong advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and understands the importance of physical therapy and how it can improve your quality of life. She maintains that healthy lifestyle through regular yoga and constant stretching whilst practicing deep breathing.

Outside of work Lisa is an enthusiastic photographer and traveller snapping photos of Australia’s natural landscapes. Also a lover of fauna, she has a deep fascination for understanding animals through body language and tone. Lisa is currently studying childhood education and finds the smiles of littles ones precious and incorporates that into her workplace optimism. She is also a self-proclaimed Masterchef in the kitchen cooking up restaurant quality Thai dishes on a regular basis. 

Next time you are in the practice ask Lisa what her favourite dishes to cook are!