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Client Services - Tagalog

Born and raised in the Philippines, Gabriel is a qualified personal trainer, and has already been in the industry for more than six years. He took up a degree in Sports Science as part of his undergraduate. Having such background in fitness, he understands the value of Chiropractic and Massage Care and sees how these treatments complement each other with exercise and strength training in contributing to one’s well-being. This then urged him to pursue further studies in Australia. Gabriel is currently in his first year of the Master of Chiropractic program at Macquarie University and hopes to start his own practice in the future. 

Growing up in the heart of Manila, Gabriel is used to the hustle and bustle of a big city, which made transitioning and living in Australia trouble-free. It helped that Sydney has a better public transport system which makes his life 100% easier. As he gives significance to having work-life balance, outside of his obligations as a student and as a coach, he enjoys working out, and playing Ultimate Frisbee. He also loves trying new food, so you may catch him scrolling through social media, exploring what and where to eat.

Next time you see Gabriel at reception, feel free to say 'Mabuhay!' or hello and maybe you can recommend him more places to visit and dine.

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